Convert Julian Date to YYYYMMDD


Hi List,

I need help converting a Julian Date into a String of YYYYMMDD for a positive pay text file. I know there isn't a business function that does this and I have tried different ways of doing it but have hit a dead end. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. I am running OneWorld on E9.1


There may be a BSFN. Search all the .c files in [pathcode]/source for "FormatDate". If you don't find a BSFN that all ready exists you could easily create one. Honestly, you almost don't even need to know C to create a C BSFN that uses the FormatDate API call.

FormatDate(lpDS->szStringOut, &lpDS->jdDateIn, lpDS->szDateMask);   /* format mask for YYYYMMDD would be "EOA" */
You can construct a NER BSFN to do this for you using the date_day, date_month, and date_year functions in the Expression Manager.
Check out Business Function N0701500, "Convert Date To String Based On Format Code". Look at the Business Function Notes to see the valid values for format codes.