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business function

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    Can't find source for some functions (e.g. AllocPOValuesFromF983051POData)

    Hello all! I'm debugging a business function and I've come across a function in it called AllocPOValuesFromF983051POData. Is there any way to see where this function is defined? I've built COBLIB, COBJLIB, CCUSTOM, CALLBSFN, and I can't figure out where it is. I can't even right-click -> Go To...
  2. P

    BSSV: Server failure while executing business function CommitSalesOrder

    Hi Guys, We are trying to process a request xml using SOAPUI, transaction takes a long time and return an error "An explicit transaction has not been committed or rolled back. All transactions must be complete prior to calling finishPublishedMethod. All active transaction boundaries will be...
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    P4210 to Price History

    Hey Everyone, Does anyone know the business function that P4210 uses to write a Price History Record to P4074-Pricing History? When UPC2, URAT, or EUSE is filled in during Order Creation, the price records are written to F4074. I would like to replicate this when an order is revised. Thanks,
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    JDE 9.2 Customised business function failed to deploy in PD920

    Hi Guys I was able to sucessfully deploy a customised business function to DV920 but when deployment was done to PD920. It shows error and the server logs shows that there is missing f00165.h in one of the Systables.H. I checked its there. Anyone faced the same issues and know how to solve this
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    Select records based on field value

    I have a table that holds a string value in one of the fields. If the string held in that field starts with "ARE" it will populate a report variable with that string. The problem is there are multiple records that have the same info. I only want to select the record if the specific value in...
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    Dynamic Upload?

    Hi guys. I have to make a business function that works similar to B9600430 - Business function for Dynamic Data Selection, but I am not figuring it out. To explain better, I need to execute a SQL clause inside the business function (in this case, an update clause), but I don't have the table...
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    Newbie question- Is there a generic function in BSSV to update any item/BOM

    Hi, I hope someone can advise. I am looking for ways to integrate changes between two installs. i.e a part in one erp is changed, now I want to call a web service in the other erp to update the copy of the same part in that system. Given there are thousands of different parts, I am hoping it is...
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    EnterpriseOne 9.0 C business function running on local web and not running on web ser

    We have made changes to the B4600200 to accept alternate method codes. When we run the R46171 locally in batch versions it calls the N4600290 which in turn calls the B4600200 and everything works perfectly. When we built to DEV it does not work. There are no errors in the build but it does...
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    C Business Function Tutorial

    Hi, I'm new to JDE and currently experimenting on C business function. I would like to know if there's any simple tutorial guide that I can follow regarding developing a C business function. Eg. fetching data from tables . Appreciate if anyone could share some knowledge on this. Thanks...
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    Business Function to Hold Job on Server for 2 Seconds

    Hi, I would like to ask if there is any business function in EnterpriseOne E9.1 that allows us to hold a job on the server for about 2 to 3 seconds before continuing the job. There's one but it only works on client. Appreciate it if someone could share some knowledge on this. Thanks Regards...
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    Can I use custom join business view in C++ business function

    Hi, I'm trying to retrieve a value in a table column but I need it filtered by column values from two tables. Can I use custom business view to perform the queries using C++ business function ? I want to return the value of F43C30.ADUKID from joining F43C30.ADUKID = F43C40.ADUKID based on...
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    Need your help on using B4200310 BSFN

    Hi all, need your advice on using the BSFN B4200310 Begin Doc Edit Line End Doc I had filled each required fields in those business function, and put cCMDocAction as C (Change), and i wish to update F4211.LOTN, F4211.LOCN and F4211.SOQS. But it didn't update anything except update in F4201...
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    Convert Julian Date to YYYYMMDD

    Hi List, I need help converting a Julian Date into a String of YYYYMMDD for a positive pay text file. I know there isn't a business function that does this and I have tried different ways of doing it but have hit a dead end. If anyone could help I'd appreciate it. I am running OneWorld on...