Select records based on field value


I have a table that holds a string value in one of the fields. If the string held in that field starts with "ARE" it will populate a report variable with that string.

The problem is there are multiple records that have the same info. I only want to select the record if the specific value in the string begins with "ARE" I am using the BSFN "IsStringInString" in order to identify if the string starts with "ARE"


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You can compare first three letters from the string and can check if that is "ARE" using substring. Refer sample code.

Result=Substring (String Field,0,3)
If Result=ARE


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If you are doing select or fetch next to table, you can use LIKE conditional. Else if you use Business View as said Lucky.2811 you can doing substring for the 3 first letters and compare with "ARE"