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    I'm very new to JDE development and I'm trying to calculate the average of a field (Amount-unit cost) by doing SUM((quantity available/total quantity available)*Price) for all the values of unit cost for a certain item number. This is being done in the level break footer section that breaks with...
  2. Select records based on field value

    I have a table that holds a string value in one of the fields. If the string held in that field starts with "ARE" it will populate a report variable with that string. The problem is there are multiple records that have the same info. I only want to select the record if the specific value in...
  3. Deepesh

    FDA/RDA crashes on writing Table IO

    Hi, I'm having a unique problem, where the FDA or RDA crashes out when I write a Table IO ER statement (like a fetch single or so). Screenshot attached. We are on 8.98 tools (E811) Regards Deepesh MD