Configure logo or background color for E1 Pages



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With the advent of the E1 Page Generator version 5, my previous method of controlling the E1 Page background color has gone away. Oracle support's only remedy is to go back to the version 4 of the generator (which I'd prefer not to do -- want to stay on the latest release to take advantage of other features).

With the E1 Page Generator v5 and Tools Release, has anyone found a way to configure either the logo that appears on the E1 screen (upper left), or control the background color?

Thank you!

Test environment: E1 Apps 9.1, TR, WLS, Win2012R2, Oracle SE
I found the following; although you may have already done so.

Issue 14: Background color for E1Page Generator 5.0.1 is White instead of Blue
E1 Page Generator was updated to reflect the UI changes introduced in the Alta project (BUG 18363400) for 9.1.5. Please continue using the previous version of the E1 Page generator if you desire the blue background.