E9.2 Dark Mode for JDE E1?



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I'm thinking of tossing this in as an enhancement request. What do you think?

I suspect that if Oracle can't do it, someone with some experience in CSS could figure out a way to "reskin" E1 on the client side via browser extension.


My prompt for this was doing E1 composite pages. You can change background colors, but the text color always stays the same, and the text is always black, and the composite page component colors never are able to properly handle the black text without going to outline-only or no-border mode.
If you toss it in - you have my vote!

It's all just HTML/CSS, so it's definetly possible, just like adding your company logo etc. If you do it yourself though, you have to do it all over again after each Tools Release Update or new deployment of the HTML component which is quite annoying - so having a switch in a UDC or the likes would be fantastic :)