E9.2 Classic E1 page does not render


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I am using JDE E1 9.2 with tools version I have successfully created a "classic" E1 page using the E1 Page Generator and uploaded it as a UDO in my PY environment. I approved/shared the UDO and added view security for a specific user/role. When the user logs into E1 PY they can see the page label at the top of the main E1 screen, but when they click it to activate it, a completely blank screen appears (see attached screen shots).

Here is what it's supposed to look like:


Here is what is actually displayed:


Oddly, I can go into P98220U and preview the page and it displays correctly.
Any idea what's wrong?


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Update: By the way, I had to manually zip the generated code to produce the zip file that was later uploaded. I'm not 100% sure which program is actually being used. In any case, when I click to view content, the page appeared properly. I figured I must have done it right.


Make sure you don't use the windows zipping tool or winzip to make or update the archive. I've had issues with this in the past. 7Zip works though.