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We are currently on B7331 and I am trying to install a package from the command line. In article otm-00-0067, there is a switch for not installing development objects but it is unclear what to use. I believe is maybe a typo. Is there anyone that installs packages from the command line that could provide an example of how they do this without installing development objects. Here is the parameter details:
Parameter details are:
-v/s v for verbose installation, s is for silent. Is the difference between
shown on the screen or not.
-d <drive> d is for the drive and path for the OneWorld installation
-p <package> p will allow selection of which package to install.
-t/c n for not installing development objects. If not specified, development
objects are installed.
-r to remove the previous installation

Does anyone know how to make out -t/c n?



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Here's an example of the B7331 (SP11.3) command line install we had used in the past.

REM **** OneWorld B733.1 Client Installation - Silent Mode ****
REM Explanation of command line parameters:
REM -V : Verbose mode (shows progress on screen display)
REM -P PRODB733FA : Package name
REM -D D:\B7 : Directory to install into
REM -t Compact : Only installs production objects (no .c or .h files)
REM -r : Removes existing installation before installing new package
"\\DepServer\B733\OneWorld Client Install\setup.exe" -V -P PRODB733FA -D D:\B7 -t Compact
type c:\jdeinst.log | more

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