E9.2 Cat Code 1 not showing on Visual Assist on reporting tool



For Fixed Assets we have some Major Accounting Class codes set up (using Cat Code 1), and assets have been assigned to these codes, but when we use the Visual Assist on our Hubble reporting tool, one of the Class codes is missing from the Visual Assist list.

I can't work out if this is an issue with JDE or with Hubble, as the set up in JDE looks the same as the other Major Accounting Class codes, and I can't see an option in Hubble to modify the Visual Assist list.

Hope someone can help!




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Hi KC,

So the user that can't see the missing Class code in Hubble can see it in JDE? If so, I think that would eliminate JDE security as being the issue.

Maybe look at the table data in SQL? Perhaps there is a special character or something in the field that is causing an issue with Hubble but not JDE.