Cancelled quantity shows 1000 more in cancelleation by commitment and cancellation

Hi Experts,

I am facing a very strange issue. Our client is using World A7.3. When system do the cancellation automatically, the line goes to status 982/999 (cancellation by commitment) or 984/999(cancellation by shipment). This works correctly as per the set up as we are not back ordering the item. But the cancelled qty is showing 1000 times more in F4211. For eg, if the order quantity (SDUORG is 3000, in file F4211 it shows SDUORG as 3000 and SDSOCN as 3000000(cancelled qty). This is not happening always. When I tried to replicate, this did not happen. But when users does the activity, sometimes this happens.

Please let me know whether anyone faced this issue, whether this is a bug which has been triggered on update of some specific fields

Thanks in advance