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Calling R4101Z1I in custom UBE shows empty report for Item Branch insertion


I have a custom UBE that loads records from a CSV file and import relevant data in F4101Z1. I call R4101Z1I in my custom UBE twice(using same version ZJDE0001) using report interconnect, the first time for inserting rows in Item Master(F4101) and the second time for Item Brach(F4102). However in the first attempt the Item Master record gets process successfully however for the 2nd execution for Item Branch records the report comes out blank ( header columns are there but no relevant rows from F4101Z1 are displayed with their EDSP status).

If i run the R4101Z1I manually(using Batch Versions) and provide it relevant EDBT and EDTN(In Data Selection) for those Item Branch rows in F4101Z1, the report then runs successfully and all data gets processed successfully. So that means there is no issue in the data mappings and i have all the relevant data setup properly. Any ideas/solutions are welcome.

For example , i have 1 Item Master and 3 Item Branch records to insert

1. Insert for Item Master in F4101Z1 , Row#1 (EDBT = 16398 , EDTN = 104303 , EDLN = 1)
2. Call UBE( R4101Z1I , ZJDE0001) , i provide it EDBT = 16398 , EDTN = 104303 and EDLN = 1.
3. Report appears with Success status
4. I check the EDSP of Row#1 , if its Y then i get the ITM and AITM
5. Insert another row in F4101Z1 Row#2 ( EDBT = 16398 , EDTN = 104304 , EDLN=1, ITBR = 2 , TNAC = 'A' , LITM = Row#1.LITM, ITM = Row#1.ITM, AITM = Row#1.AITM and other )
6. Insert another row in F4101Z1 Row#3 ( EDBT = 16398 , EDTN = 104304 , EDLN=2, ITBR = 2 , TNAC = 'A' , LITM = Row#1.LITM, ITM = Row#1.ITM, AITM = Row#1.AITM and other )
7. Insert another row in F4101Z1 Row#4 ( EDBT = 16398 , EDTN = 104304 , EDLN=3, ITBR = 2 , TNAC = 'A' , LITM = Row#1.LITM, ITM = Row#1.ITM, AITM = Row#1.AITM and other )
8. Call UBE(R4101Z1I , ZJDE0001) , i provide it (EDBT= 1680, EDTN=1451) , i dont pass it EDLN at this point.
9. Report comes empty.

I have attached the log files, the R4101Z1I_ZJDE0003*.log is the report interconnect call from Step-8. Upon reviewing it i realize that on Line#1131 , its calling


What i am unable to understand is that when i am not passing it EDLN in Step-8 why is it considering it as a zero value and i think this is the primary issue that report comes out empty.



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R4101Z1I will use report interconnect EDUS,EDBT,EDTN and EDLN values for internal data selection...if EDLN is not passed then it will take EDLN as zero.
Ideally it is better to populate same values for EDUS,EDBT,EDTN (per batch) and increment EDLN to insert into F4101Z1I. Need to make a copy of R4101Z1I and comment out 'set user selection' for SZEDLN and call the custom UBE just once by passing EDUS,EDBT and EDTN.