R4101Z1I Creating Item Branch Records



I am uploading a new item with branches in F4101Z1 table using custom report. Item with TNAC = 02 and Item branch with TNAC = 04.
R4101Z1I successfully uploads both item and item branches in F4101 and F4102 respectively. These are new items.

My question is, this is different that what Oracle documentation says. It mentions while adding a new item using Z processor, only item will be uploaded first. Then we have to populate F4101Z1.ITM of branch records with new item number generated and then run R4101Z1I again to upload item branch records for new item.

But I ran R4101Z1I only once and they got processed with new errors. Are there other scenarios where it wont work and wont upload item branch records?
Has any one faced this?

Attaching oracle documentation for reference.



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Hi is not mandatory to specify the ITM on F4101Z1, but the rows processing sequence must be item master before and then item branch (LITM is used to get ITM).
So you can leave 0 on ITM field for new items.