Calling F0911 MSTR BSFNS for foreign currency entries


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Hi folks,

I seem to be having a brain fart in terms of one my UBEs that displays values in a suppliers currency but then needs to create GL entries in the companies currency.

Am I right in thinking that if I call the F0911FSBeginDoc and pass in the Transaction Currency 'USD' and Base Currency 'PLN' codes, and the Currency Mode 'F' flag, I am then ok to go calling F0911FSEditLine by simply passing in the values as they appear on my CSV (supplier currency)

E1 will then go and work out the magic for me

Does anyone have any good example of their code calling these BSFNs correctly for foreign entries




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I fixed this by converting back to company CRCD just before calling the F0911 BSFNs and making the postings domestic. I'd still like to know how to call them correctly for foreign amounts though :)