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Call jde BSFN from outside


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We have requirement to call JDE BSFN directly without using JDE UBE /APP/BSSV .
As we have JDE version (8.1)in which BSSV is not available .
Do we have any other way to call jde BSFN directlly from java for SOA integration .


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import com.jdedwards.system.xml.XMLRequest;
import com.jdedwards.system.net.JdeNetTimeoutException;
import com.jdedwards.system.net.JdeNetConnectFailedException;


XMLRequest xml = new XMLRequest(owServerName, owPortNumber, xmlIn);

where xmlIn is something like:

<?xml version='1.0' ?>
<jdeRequest type='callmethod' user='JDE' pwd='JDE' environment='JPD812' session=''>
<callMethod name='GetEffectiveAddress' app='JXMLTool'>
<param name='mnAddressNumber'>1001</param>