Call a screen from another in Form Design Aid


I would like to call a screen(P5543001 - Find Browse) from P5543002(Fix-Inspect)to fill a field in P5543002 using the selected row from P5543001. I tried using the Form Interconection( to call the P5543001 screen), when Visual Assist is clicked, but I don't know how to return the selected row to fill the field. Is there a way to return the selected row?
P5543001 needs to have a datastructure. So you can map variables back and forth.

P5543002 will call P5543001 and use P5543001's DSTR to pass back the value.
P5543001 will map the Gc value you want into the FI value of P5543001

In the event you called P5543001 you simply map that value into your P5543002 Form control when P5543001 returns
Hi Felipe,

If I were you, I would create a custom Search & Select screen to call rather than some Find/Browse. This way you are using the software as it was designed to work.

Ben again,