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Budget: How to check if the set up is working


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Once we completed set up budget using "Final by Account" cycle, how I can check if the set up is working in the test environment.

For example, for the account 4-700950-006 (Office expenses), we have set up $1200. And it automatically spread over 12 period $100.

Now, how I can check if this is working ? Should I create purchase order? or payment or ... ?


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I managed to do a cycle for budget checking for purchase orders.

1. Set up budget for "Office Expense" account, $100 per period.
2. Set processing options for P4310 to validate the budgeting ( the tab "Budgeting" in processing option)
3. Created a purchase order for Office Expense worth $75. There no warning message shown when I pressed OK.
4. Tried to create another purchase order worth $50. When pressed okay, I got warning message "Account is over budget". I pressed "OK" twice to proceed with the order.
When checked, this order generated with hold code.
So it is working.

Now, is there any way to check budget only when we do payments, not when we create purchase orders?