BSSV Performance issue (Taking too much time to excute)


we need to reduce execution time for our BSSV .
We are passing array of 20 item for which we need to retrieve advance price .
We used standard BSSV with some modification (that was for only one item ,we added array in it for 20 value)

It is taking 38 sec to retrieve advance price ,our client want that result in 5-8 sec .

Can some one help or suggest option so that we can increase performance of BSSV .

will it helpful to try some high performance server or change in server configuration .
Right now we are trying to optimism code with removing unnecessary nested call and increasing attributes in where clause wherever database call exist .

Thanks in advance .!!!!!
It is not possible to help without your configuration. Please include. Also exactly how you configure advanced pricing makes a huge difference. I have been places where advanced pricing might have 100's of steps. multiply that times your 20 items and it could easily be 1000's or 10k's worth of I/O depending on your configuration it may or may not be possible.
There are many aspects you will have to look into to overcome the time issue. What BSSV & function you are using are they standard JDE?. If so you might want to look into and check what call you dont need. Lot also depends on the BSSV server and connection between them and ES server.

You need to know where your code is spending time, so start to track the http request, then the bsfn calls without the web service, then the database operation.

Once you have found "where" there are chance we could tell "how".


Bruno Condemi
Thanks All for your reply.
we are debugging code and and trying to optimize it .
We are also looking to increase server performance with some configuration changes .