BSSV design questions


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I need some suggestion on below functionality for BSSV. Here is the scenario.

I have NER like below

NER - Sales, it has below functions.
Function A - data structure A
Function B - data structure A
Function C - data structure A

Which BSSV design from below would be standard practice?

Design 1.
Insternal VO for function A
Internal VO for function B
Internal VO for function C
Processor for function A
Processor for function B
Processor for function C

Get for function A
Show for function A
Manager for function A

Get for function B
Show for function B
Manager for Function B

and so on....

Design 2
Each J....... bssv for each function, instead of one J.....for all three function of NER.

Each JP..... bssv for each function similar to design 1 JP.....

Would anyone guide me which approach would be great and why? Please...

Thanks for your advice.

Hi Kaushik,

Create 3 Internal VO’s for function A, B, C and don’t generate any Accessories. Later create one final internal VO and move that code from 3 internal value objects and delete earlier VO’s.

All 3 Function related input parameters you can access within one value object and create Processor class as per your requirement. Finally create Get publish VO, Show publish VO and Manager Class.

Hope this is feasible design approach as per your requirement.
Hi Kaushik,

You have only one data structure for all the three functions. The solution is quite straightforward. You need to create only one Value Object for all the three functions here. It will serve your need.

Whereas creating three different value objects for all three functions will only make duplicate variables and complicate the further designing of the BSSV.

Hope this helps you.