BIP MS Word Add in install question


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We are on JDE E1 9.0, tools release

We are moving from old desktops to new laptops, and will need to install the MS Word Add in to design BI Publisher templates. We are using the BI Publisher that is embedded in JD Edwards. The version of the word add in we currently have installed on the desktop is so we will be installing that same version on the new laptop.

However, I am a bit confused on what actually to install. I opened a SR with Oracle and they have directed me to install the Oracle BI Publisher 11g Enterprise and the Oracle BI Publisher Desktop for 32 bit Office.

I hesitate proceeding with those instructions because Oracle support often does not always seem to understand that there is an Embedded BIP that is used by JD Edwards and that we are not using the full Oracle BI Publisher install.

Can anyone confirm what would be required to just install the MS Word Add in for BI Publisher. Do I really need to install both the 11g Enterprise install and the Desktop install? Any insight would be appreciated.
Thanks. Oracle replied and they also confirmed that I only need the BIP desktop. Their original instructions were just confusing. Thanks for the assistance.