Bind not working properly in 7x if you try and bind two different projects together

Cathy Wilbur

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In process of converting from Createform 3x and Createform 6x to Createform 7x.

The bind process in Createform 3x and 6x used to allow you to bind two different forms together into one PDF but in 7x Createform Bind no longer allows you to do so.

We have a summary and Detail report for grants. This is how the grantees want the report to appear in the PDF at monthend.
We want them merged back together in this format so the grantee sees the detail information right under the summary for that account if they had activity in that account for the current month.

R5510GA009_nnnnnn.pdf this output comes from project R5510GA009
R5510GA009_nnnnnn_Detail.pdf this output comes from project R5510GR013 (we rename PDF output file so it sorts in proper order in bind directory)

Example of how a PDF would get merged back together (nnnnnn represents the grant account/cost centre)

Bind process in 7x actually works if you bind just a single project but if you bind two different projects together as one in the bind process you can no longer do so in Createform 7x.

In Createform 7x there is now just a single job ticket template out there now where before they kept them all. If we bind two projects R5510GA009 and R5510GR013 it does not work as it worked in Createform 3x and 6x. You can no longer bind two different project names into one project.

Is anyone out there binding two different project together in Createform 7x and if so how are you doing it? Would like to see any possible solutions that people have used.

Below is the code that appears in the Createform 6x PDF file after the bind is completed. That logic is not there in the new bind process. All new bind process does in the new server is take the information from the first JTT. If you have two different form projects being bound back together in Createform 7x then this presents a problem.


Bottomline gave us these complicated instructions to do the bind using a folder monitor process along with a special director script shown below but it is difficult to follow.

Binding with Folder Monitor and Writting out Specific Instructions with JTT only tickets

1) Divvy up the jobs to be bound in to folders same as if using Bind.

2) Write out the filename and location of the file along with any job ticket info (in the case of email or fax) as a record to a text file. You can use a Send Node with "Job Ticket Only" and continually append this file.

3) Run a job through to create some text output; and use the text file to create a Director project. Set the input properties such that each record is a single page; and define sets such that every page is 1 set.

4) In the Director project, split on project set; execute a get file node to grab the PDF; merge as Postscript; send to Package. Follow the split by emptying the package as PDF (or Postscript in the case of a print destination). The JTT information in the case of email or Fax will also be in the input file we created in step 2. Use delete nodes to delete the temporary files.

5) These text files will need to be written to a folder monitored by Create!form Folder Monitor; Setup the same watch intervals as with bind; The text Director project can be evoked either by adding a specialized header or by using a unique Director queue with default project.
Do you use the bind process at all in CF7 and if not what do you use instead of bind? We are trying to upgrade our bind processes and Bottomline told us to stop using bind. We are in the process of just updating to CF7. We are having some issues with Bind now that Bottomline split their bind process into two pieces.

How did some of you go about updating your bind processes when you went to CF7? Do you still use bind or do you use something totally different?