How to properly create a subform for a company logo

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I had our group that maintains our logos send me 23 logogs in large medium and small format.
I asked them to send me these logos in colour format and in black and white format.

I asked them to send me the logos in jpeg format.

I then take the jpeg then create a subform of the logo so I have an EPS file to work with for the logo. The logo I used here is the logo with a jpeg name ending with 20K. When the EPS format subform logo is scaled it is not sharp.

So we took an extra large jpeg of size 855KB (see attached) then converted it into EPS file format using IrfanView. I then take the EPS file of size 579KB then pull it into Createform Designer.

This new EPS logo from IrfanView is a sharp logo. The problem is that it is too large. Once we publish all our 350+ receipts together using this new logo the PDF file size goes from 861KB in size to 16,796KB in size so now we cannot email the PDF file because it has now blown our maximum size.

So I need to recreate a sharp logo to use in the detail and footer section of my Createform Designer project.
It should not be that difficult but for some reason when I convert the logo from jpeg to EPS in createform the smaller logo gets all distorted.

Attached are the two Jpeg logos I am trying to convert. The larger logo is too big to use in Createform.

Was hoping to use the smaller logo so I do not need to do much resizing.

What am I doing wrong? Please advise.


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I read out your complete post, thanks for sharing such a beautiful points and ideas about the create a sub-form for company logo. Keep sharing.
Here is a sized jpg and eps for you

You have to get a jpg image of the logo on your computer. Open it up in paint, resize it to a big size, save it as your logo name.
Then in designer go to tools in the top ribbon bar. Select Create Subform, Import. In this window select the jpg image name and in the Scaling change the 1.0 to like .3 in both fields and click open. This will create the eps for you. Then on your form select the subform tool to add a subform to your document. You may need to resize it a little more, be sure to do a preview (the size on the form and in the preview is not allows the same). You can also do the import again and change the scaling to be.2 or .32 or whatever until you get the eps the size you want.



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