How to process different XML file projects on one Director Queue

Cathy Wilbur

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Does anyone out there use XML files for input data?

Our monthend reporting is going from PDF format files to XML format files.

Currently I have an XML FileProject section at the beginning of each of my XML format files as shown below. I have a special Master script that checks the file type then based on what the project is it sends the file to another specified Director queue. If I have a file type for my monthend reporting and I have 6 different monthend reports would I be able to send each of my different monthend report XML files to one queue and then use the FileType field to determine which director project to execute? Or do I need to send each of these XML file types to a different director queue then define for that Director queue to use this Director Project first?


Is anyone out there using XML files coming into your Createform server and if so how do you determine from your XML file which Director script you are going to execute?

For our XML files, we start with a Master script then send the output to the appropriate Director queue. Or should I have a separate director queue for each different FileType. Instead of having my different Monthend reports going to different director queues was trying to have them all going to one queue then use the XML to determine which project to execute. Is that possible?
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