Use Createform Director and Createform Bind with Publisher

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Use Director and Bind with Createform Publisher License

I have a large TXT file that contains data by business unit (Major account).

I take this large text file and split the accounts so that all the accounts that belong to a specific person appear in their 3-char subdirectory.

WageBenifits.txt file is processed using director script. It takes each of the business units and splits the information and puts the individual text files in a subdirectory by person responsible as shown below.



When I bind these text files back together I bind all the information for AAP and send him one email which sends the file in PDF format.

Instead of sending an email with a file attached in PDF format I want to publish this bound file in PDF file to a directory. How do I publish this bound file in PDF format to a folder and how do I give this folder file a proper name.

I want to take this information and put it all in one WageBenefits Published folder so the name would now be

When I email it I first send the unbounded files to a Bind folder. I use a CEMAIL JTT and the file is defined properly as follows
Once the files, in the individual person responsible folders, are bound together they are all emailed out together as one PDF

I still want to send the unbounded files to a BIND folder. Instead of emailing the bound files back out I want to publish the bound output to a folder in PDF format.
When I try and publish the bound output, after bind process, to a folder all I get is

What do I need to do with my Director script to make this work properly. We have Createform Publisher License and unlimited printers. What am I missing?
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Cathy Wilbur

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Does anyone have some sample documentation or any type of documentation that shows you how to set up and use the Publisher software.

I want to use Publisher for output that goes thru the Bind process.
I want to use Publisher for projects that do not need to use the Bind process.

We want to stop using email and start using publisher so we can write the output to a folder then have the department go and get the output from a shared folder.
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Cathy Wilbur

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Has anyone used Createform Publishing license to send output to a folder instead of to an email.

If so then how did you do it in Createform Director.

I have a TXT project that takes a large TXT file and splits the output apart by a PersonResponsible code

We them bind these TXT files back together then email PDF output out. Instead of emailing PDF output out could I write this PDF output to a folder instead.

I did some searching on this listsrv and there was a post back in 2010 talking about setting up a director script with the following two nodes
1) Merge Node
2) Send Node

We split apart the output by cost centre then write the individual cost center output into individual sub-directories by Person Responsible.
WE use the bind process to go into the individual sub-directories by Person Responsible then bind the cost centres back together.
We then email these bound files that contain multiple cost centre accounts to the Person Responsible.
Instead of emailing this bound file to the Person Responsible we now want to write out a file to a folder.
We want to name this bound file ProjectName_YYYYMMDD_XXX.PDF where XXX is the PersonResponsible code.

How do I now use Createform Publisher License and Director to set this up?
Is there a way I can get around the need to use the burst and bind process?
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Hi Cathy,

We are doing something similar, but we are not using the bind process. I don't know how the bind process works so I don't know how much that changes what you are doing from what we are doing. We are using this process with employee documents. We first burst the JDE report by employee number, then merge with the Createform project, then send to a file location by employee number. The send node contains the file location and that's where we get to use a label from the original JDE report, in our case employee number, to name the file folder. That label is concatenated with the rest of the file path that we hard key in. Similar logic applies to the actual file names. We use the employee number and another field on the report, plus the date printed field to create the document name. It has been a number of years since I had to change anything in these files, but I could give you more information if you tell me what else you need.

I hope that helps,


Cathy Wilbur

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Pam would be nice if I could look at your director script for your split, merge and send nodes. That would be all I need to see.

Then I could probably totally eliminate the bind process altogether. I understand how you did the concatenation to set up your file names.

Understand you must do a merge node then a send node but not sure exactly how to set up the two nodes.

Am going to try what you indicated here.


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I think you contacted me offline on this and I sent you some information? Hope you got things going.