B34A1030 move a file in AS400... what is the AS400 commend line?


[FONT=&quot]Hi .. hope an AS400 and JDE expert can help me. new in AS400 and JDE

I need to copy a file into archive directory then delete the original file
I was plan to use B4700230 but according to Doc id 636244.1, there could be huge performance issue to use BF B4700230 to copy. It recommend to use B34A1030 (Call external program ) to copy/delete or move the file.

Since I am new in AS400, what is the AS400 commend to be use in B34A1030

1) copy file from one directory to other ( e.g. copy /server/dir1/abc.txt to /server/dir2/abc_archive.txt )
2) delete the original file ( eg. delete /server/dir1/abc.txt )





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Look into QNTC setup on your iSeries. Using it, you can access any windows server with the following path notation: /QNTC/<servername>/<folder>/.../<folder>/<filename>

QNTC services are probably already running.

One caveat: Your E1 system user accounts must have a matching account (user and password) on your windows domain.
You can create your own business function and use the jde API function jdeRename.

jdeRename((const JCHAR *) szFromLocation, (const JCHAR *) szToLocation);

The from and to location should both be fully qualified file names.