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Asycnhronous Processing for P4312


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Hi list,

Some advice please;

I have a problem with PO's being receipted twice in P4312.

I have been told to turn off asynchronous processing for XT4312Z1 - EndDoc. How does one do this exactly?

Many Thanks in advance


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Christian Audet

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Hi Rob,

You will have to open the P4312 in the Form Design Aid. 1st go to window "Purchase Order Receipts". Go to [Form/Menu ToolBarr Exit], click on [OK], then on Event Rules.

In the Event Rules window choose Post Button Click instead of Button Click. Then you will fin more that one call to the End Doc Function, clic on the call and you will see the Asyncronious checkbox that you can unchecked.

Christian Audet

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Thank you for your excellent and speedy reply. It is greatly appreciated.

Am I correct in assuming that I need to check each time the End Doc function is called that the Asynchronous Checkbox is turned off, and treat each call individually.

Does the Business Function then have to be rebuilt? Or do I just save the changes to my Form Design and follow the standard package build/ deployment cycle?

Many thanks again,


Christian Audet

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- Yes you have to do it in every call to the function.
- No you don't have to rebuild the function, since you are only changing the call in p4312 (another program can still call the function asyncronously).
- Yes after your change you go thru the standard deployement process.


Implementing B7333 (Xe) SP14.1, SQL
(Support B732, B7331 and B7332)


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Hi Rob & Christian,
It's just some general thought to Christian's excellent explanations.

1.) The "Asynchronously" check-box available only in the Pots Button Clicked event of Cancel and OK buttons for BSFN calls on forms in FDA.

2.) We was able many times to fix problems un-checking the mentioned check-box (mainly on B7332). I always followed the way that I revised all BSFN calls in the Post Button Clicked event of OK and Cancel and un-checked everywhere where it was checked originally.


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