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The info you got regarding the S30 upgrade requires some amplification.
The S30 and the 730 are really the same machine with a marketing "rebranding".
Anything done in going to a 730 upgrade is really the same as doing it
to an S30. The 730s are still in new production and upgrades are still
available. My IBM price sheet shows 8 upgrade paths for S30/730s.
An upgrade to a 730-2066 will give you a 2-way system with 1050 CPW vs.
560 CPW for your current system. However not all upgrade paths are
equally attractive price-wise. In some cases it is less expensive
for IBM to sell you a new serial number box since the cost per CPW of new
AS/400s and i-Series boxes has come down since 1998.

The S30/2257 you purchased in 1998 was an entry level S30/730 and not
a top of the line AS/400 system. There are three larger S30/730s
base models as well as two very large S40/740 models you can grow into.
The S30/2257 you have is a very capable mixed-mode server with high quality,
fast memory. Before spending money on a processor upgrade you might
consider adding more main memory, especially if you are under 1GB.
The IBM 64-bit RISC processors really run much better with lots of memory
and you are more likely to achieve the rated performance numbers.
Good luck.

Sergei Sonin, CPIM


ESI Group

An IBM Premier Business Partner - Systems

530-795-0200 x 229

lerwick wrote:
<blockquote TYPE=CITE>Hi everyone (espicially if you have an AS400),

We are a coexistance site with a single CPU S30 2257 AS400. We wanted

upgrade this AS400 and add an extra CPU as our OW load is coming on
but we

got told that CPU upgrades aren't available for an S30 anymore. IBM

supply them as the marketing life of the machine is over. A 7xx or

model was recommended.

Has anyone else had this happen with an AS400. This box was bought in

and was top of the line then. It's really a big surprise to know that
a box

replacement is necessary. Is this normal?

thanks for any thoughts,

Lerwick :-(

Alstom NZ

B733.2, AS400 S30 db; Netfinity NT apps server; 2 * WTS; 90 users

concurrent world; 45 concurrent OW.


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