E9.2 alternate routings


I'm looking for any help on a recurring theme here. We cannot use a single BOM/Routing when that item can potentially be installed in different Ops/locations. For example. I have a widget built in building A with op seq 100 in the routing. I want to also make the same widget in building B with op seq 110 in the routing. Currently we have been creating duplicate BOMs with unique numbers and unique routings. This is really limiting. I'm not a JDE expert, but an influencer of how we can structure things, there has to be a better way.


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You can add multiple BOM's and Routing to a single Item by changing the BOM or ROUTE Type from "M" to whatever value you define in the UDC to represent your alternative option. Then when you create your work order, you assign what BOM or ROUTE Type to use. The default value is M.


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You could also set up each building as a separate Branch/Plant and have a separate Item/Branch, BOM and Routing for each B/P.
There is the ability to copy a BOM and a Routing from one B/P to another. Of course, maintenance (e.g. ECO's) will be more challenging with multiple B/P's.