Adding Laserfiche as a Printer within JDE Enterprise One


I am looking to try to add Laserfiche Snapshot as a printer option within JDE. I am being told by IT that JDE Can't pick a windows client print driver, therefore, it cannot locate Laserfiche as an option and the workaround of getting to a PDF format and uploading that way.

While I am aware of the workaround it's extra clicks and it seems silly that I can't get laserfiche snapshot as a printer option to be located within JDE.

Is this information correct or is there a way to do this that I can inform my IT staff about?

Thank you!


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Firstly, welcome to JDEList and congratulations on your first post.

Secondly, I can be of great benefit to provide you JDE environment details including application and software versions. As an example, see my signature below.

Finally to your issue. There may be a way around that problem. The JDE Printer set up includes a printer definition language. If you select custom and click the search torch, you will see this value is linked a parameter list field. In my JDE system Conversion Program *JDE PDF, the Parameter String is "-s POSTSCRIPT_PRINTER". POSTSCRIPT_PRINTER is a script/batch file that is run with parameters and is located in the bin32 directory in the system directory on the enterprise server. On our test system, after backing up the file, we have changed to code in the file to customise the printing to suite our needs and TESTED THOROUGHLY. It may be possible that something similar could be done to accomplish your requirements.
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