adding an application server


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Hey List,
I need some help with adding an application server to my existing
OneWorld install. This new application server will process logic only and
the databases will remain on my existing enterprise server. So far I've set
up the application server with the min. technical requirements for an
enterprise server. I was then going to set up a new plan and run workbench
to add the server and then install the enterprise server cd. My next step
was going to be copying over to my new server the existing pathcode, specs
and system folders from my enterprise server. Does this sound right?
Will I have to add new ODBC entries to my clients to point them to
the new application server? If so, which ones? If anyone has had any
experience with this, please pass on some advice. Thanks,

B733 Base sp3.2, NT 4, SQL Server 7 sp2

Justin Walker
OneWorld Systems Administrator
Colorado Christian University
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