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Added value of middelware like: DSI or RFGen


We are using JDE 9.1 at moment and about to implement Advanced Warehouse Management.
We need things like:
-batch picking for small orders. (Initialy just a simple algoritm, later more advanced)
-efficient pick routing (JDE lacks here, so we need some customization. http://www.roodbergen.com/warehouse/frames.htm gives an idea about the possible gains)
-splitting multi pallet orders, so different orderpickers can pick one pallet each (we have a third party solution for this.)
-dynamic picking locations
-licence plating (pallets and cases).
-we have about 20 people working in the warehouse.
-3 000 picks /day

We seriously wonder what the pros and cons are of ussing a middleware solution like DSI or RFGen.
Some companies choose not to use middleware like:
-www.jdelist.com/w3tfiles/145781-61090.pdf seems to suggest that there is no need to use middelware.

Other companies coose to use middeleware.

What is the selling point of this middleware which justifies the investment.