Question about referencing data for WMS


I've been looking into attempting to create a middleware program (much like DSI's DClink) for our company. I've spent the past couple weeks reading documents and searching the forum. We are currently running JDE World on the AS/400 database. All of our forklifts terminals run DClink to handle our inventory and it does it's job, but I have a number of things that I am looking to change to streamline process and making things easier for the end-users. My main complaint is the hierarchy of the scripts. You can basically only do one function at a time. Example: you are unloading a trailer into the warehouse and come across a pallet of item "x" that is out in the open. In order to find where it actually is supposed to go, you must exit out of everything and then enter a different script, scan the product and look up where it is located. Once you put that pallet up, you then have to go back to the original pallet, get back into your original script, re-scan it, then proceed to put it away.

I'm looking to create a program with something simple like LABview that can take string data and reference the information about item "x" on the AS/400 database. Something like DCLink, but customized to better suit our operations. I've been reading about JDE Object Browser to help cross-reference the data. The program will need to be able to move items from location to location. Having the ability to correct pallet box counts would be ideal as well. I'm just concerned about being able to change this information affecting other tables that are referencing that data as well. As of now, I'm just focusing on the "unloading" aspect of the warehousing operation. If I find out that this is even possible, I will concentrate on the loading portion and other functions.

As you can probably tell from reading this, I haven't had a whole lot of experience with this. I can run JDE World just fine, but I don't fully understand how the program actually works (or what things that may be happening simultaneously that I don't even realize). Basically, is something like this even possible or feasible?

Thanks for the time. I'll keep digging in the meantime.