Add Custom Javascript to all pages



I'm very new to JDE and have no experience as a user, developer or admin. I'm looking to help a customer with his request to add a custom JavaScript that needs to get loaded on all JDE pages.

This custom JavaScript code does end-user experience monitoring when injected. JDE version is 8.12.

What is the best way to include a custom JavaScript code, so it gets invoked in all JDE pages? Is there any common framework that is loaded in all the pages (ex: header) which we can use to embed a custom JavaScript?

I found this blog on enabling google analytics. Is this applicable in case of JDE 8.12?

I 'think' you can edit the source in the home.html file.

But I maybe wrong
Thanks John. Will modifying the home.html ensure that the script is loaded on all pages? I'll work with my JDE contact to try this out as well.
Let me know if this works as I was planning on doing the same thing and that was the only place I could see a placeholder :)

So let the E1 Page generator make the zip file that includes the home.html file, then open it in the zip and edit away.