2016 1099 (MISC) BIP Form Issue


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This year will be the first year we are going to use the BIP form for 1099 printing. We have loaded the ESUs for 2016 and did some testing. I also researched some responses from last year people had posted regarding issues they ran into.

First regarding the 2 per page printing. People complained in the past that the bottom 1099 on the page is not properly aligned to be able to fit in the window (sits too high), although the top one prints fine. This was still an issue this year and Oracle's stance is that "we don't fix alignment issues since all printers print differently". Ok.... Although I don't agree, we went about trying to edit the BIP template to correct this ourselves. We tried numerous changes (although we are a bit newbies to BIP form editing) and nothing we did corrected the issue. We found no way to change placement of the bottom 1099 on the page without also affecting the top 1099 adversely. We gave up, curious if anyone else out there is running into the same issue. (and there is a thread out her from last year with the exact same issue that many responded to with same issue)

Secondly, we went about trying out the "new enhancement" to print only 1 1099 per page. After finding out how to accomplish that, we went about testing. What we are now finding is the FIRST page prints too high (hence it won't fit in the envelope) on the page but ALL SUBSEQUENT pages print just fine and properly fit in the envelope as expected. Is anyone running into this?

So far, Oracle response is they can't replicate.


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I've tried wrestling with Oracle on this issue as well, to no avail. We went low-tech, just ended up physically cutting (with a machine, not scissors ;) ) about 1/4 or 1/2 inch off the bottom form. Fits in the envelope just fine.

It sounds primitive, I know, but there's only so much time and energy you can spend on this before you embrace the work-around.