Zero cost F4105 records


We are running World A7.3 and in the process of migrating to 9.3. We have an occasional problem that creates big issues for us. We have a random record show up in the f4105 that has a zero cost. We use 07 std cost and this record looks just like our current std cost, but it is zero. The last program show to have updated or created the record is xt4102z1. Anyone else experienced this problem? Thanks.
The XT4102Z1 program is called from a number of other programs:

P4112 RPG Inventory Issues
P4113 RPG Inventory Transfers
P4114 RPG Inventory Adjustments
P4116 RPG Item/Lot Change Transactions
P4617 RPG Online Confirmation
P4617W RPG Confirmation Overrides
P47121 RPG EDI Product Activity Data Edit/Create

Maybe the zero cost entries are being generated through one of these other inventory interfaces...just a thought.
Terry is correct about the programs that can call the other programs. If it is one of the Inventory Adjustment programs (P4112 - P4116) I would expect to see an entry in the Cardex file (F4111) with the same time and date stamp as the record in the F4105 file for the Item that has the zero record. That should help you narrow down the situation that causes the Zero cost record. Also if there is no 07 record for the item being moved/adjusted then it would create a record with a zero cost as there was no cost for the adjustment.