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Would it be an interesting statistic?

Hi Eric,

OK, I know, you have enough job managing JDEList - but I had an idea, namely:

It would be an interesting ANONYM statistic (at least for me) - if it won't be discriminative (IMHO it won't) about public personal profiles data of registered users. I try to describe, what do I mean.

It would be a tabular sheet (e.g.: .xls), where vertically will be the labels of the public fields in User Profile.
ICQ Number
Receive information from our partners and third party vendors?

Horizontaly will be only a percentage value with label.
The percentage columns can show, how many (%) of registered users entered any value in the field of her/his user profile, depending of the registration time:
- all registered user
- registered in the last 36 months (3 years)
- registered in the last 24 months (2 years)
- registered in the last 18 months (1.5 years)
- registered in the last 15 months
- registered in the last 12 months
- registered in the last 9 months
- registered in the last 6 months
- registered in the last 3 months
- registered in the last 1 months

I do not want to make extra task for you, and let me know, if it is a bad idea.
I really do not want violate with any freedom rights (at this point I am a bit unsure, so please, moderate me - if necessary)
... but I am so curious for this statistic (and maybe, I am not alone)

Excuse me this Off Topic Post on the Off Topic board. Thanks.




Re: personal profiles - this opens the forum up to web spam crawlers.

Re: web statistics - Might make a good advertising statistic but it won't happen soon.
Hi Eric,

Thanks for your answer.

Re: personal profiles - this opens the forum up to web spam crawlers.

[/ QUOTE ]

I agree, but I would like to see only statistic and none discrete profile data.

Maybe you misunderstood my post, but most likely I phrased my post ambigously


Hi Eric,

I am pacient but curious: what does it mean:
but it won't happen soon

[/ QUOTE ]

Thanks again all of your effort making this site live and valued.