E9.2 Best way to find correct role for user?


If a user needs to make changes in multiple applications (ex. Address Book, Item Master, Supplier Master, etc.) what is the best way to approach this as a complete JDE newbie? I am admittedly not great at Excel. If someone can help dumb it down for me I would be very grateful. I struggle specifically finding a role that won't remove access from a current application but also won't grant access to a new application.
I apologize. I am not a JDE security expert or even have intermediate skills, but I am confused about the following...

I am admittedly not great at Excel

I don't know what Excel has to do with JDE security setup.

My two cents...
  • Are you solely responsible for setting up your organization's security? Seems like a tall task for self-described "complete JDE newbie".
  • At the very least, you should be reading and fully understanding the JDE security documentation.
  • Ask your company to provide you some JDE security training.
  • Maybe you're at a fairly small company and you don't have the resources for training and/or bringing in outside consulting, but hiring a consultant sounds like the prudent thing to do in this case. Security is something you need to get right.
  • If you're at a larger company, do you have internal auditors or does the company ever bring in auditors periodically? If so, there are other considerations like segregation of duties.