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Where is subj and body of emails via BI Publisher stored?


BI Publisher via JDE always sends emails with the doc attached -
but with subj line "Subject: EnterpriseOne Report Definition Output" and
with body of email "Please see attachment for EnterpriseOne Report Definition output."

I am sure these msgs are stored somewhere - but does anyone know where?

Any ideas or tips will be greatly appreciated.




i found that BSFN B0200900 or B0800603 write all e-mails sended. Now, the Subject and MessageText are input variables, how recall this BSFN???

The step to produce output are:
- launch UBE
- OW Create XML output for UBE
- OW Create Matching with XML Publisher
- OW Send e-mail

how UBE(S) do(es) the last three steps???

anyone have an ideas???

thanks a lot


Both, subject and body text come from two separate data dictionary glossary text. If you enable debut on your xmlplubisher kernel and go thru the process of delivering an output, you will see in the log what the data items are. Sorry, but I don't have the data item names handy.

- jjo


The Subject and Body Text of the e-mail can be changed by changing the data dictionary items.

951S - Report Definition email subject text
Will change the subject of the XMLP RD delivery e-mail.

951T - Report Definition email attachment text
Will change the text in the body of the e-mail.

To change these data dictionary items:

Enter P92002 - Data Dictionary Glossary Items
Search for and Select the appropriate Data Item
Select the Item Glossary tab
Change text as required


There is an Enhancement SAR open requesting an interface to change the email text:

Bug 8788154: XMLP email delivery enhancement

Currently when delivering RD output via email the subject
line and from email address are generated by the system.
Also the actual output is delivered as an attachment.
It is desired that the email subject line and from email
address be able to be changed by users. Also desired is an
option to choose whether the output is delivered as an
attachment or included in the body of the email, specially
for HTML output. The reason is to have more control over
the presentation of the email as this would make the XMLP
more suitable for use with external parties. i.e. invoices
could be sent this way. An FTP delivery option would also
be good.

Please go to this Bug on Metalink and choose the Monitor This Bug link to be notified of any status change.