What System Table holds the Version Detail Job Queue Name?


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I need to get a list of all the Versions (UBE) that have a Job Queue name equal to "abc".
I tried table F983051 and F983052 but I don't see the Job Queue Name there.

Can anyone tell me the correct tablename to look in?

Stewart Schatz

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You were correct with the F983051. Unfortunately, it is in the blob field: VRPODATA

If you find a way to pull it out of there, I'd really appreciate it if you would share. It has been the biggest pain in the rear end for pretty much every CNC Admin.


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If you need this in Er then yes use that BSFN above, if you need it for your reference or to check stuff I do the following

Open RDASpec

szReport = your UBE
szVersion = your Version
nRecordType =1

click the Version/record and then in the blob data in the right window, scroll down to the last field zPrintInfo.szQueue

That's the queue :)
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Thanks John for the pdf. UTB works good.

Gov, That BSFN looks like it will work. Just need to put together a UBE to print a list. Read the F983051 and fill in the fields on the BSFN X983052.

Thanks All - you certainly have "The Right Stuff".


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ER Code to print a list of UBE Versions and their Job Queues

Here's a quick UBE to print the Versions with the Job Queue Name using X983052


  • JobQueue.txt
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