What assumptions does vertex make to decide what TAX to calculate



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How does Jde/Vertex decide which geocode to use to calcualte tax


we are going to have to start using vertex on a new implementaion in the states.
imarily we need to ensure that we end up generating the correct sales tax. Our understanding of the US sales tax is that the tax is calculated where the ownership of goods are transferred. However, surprisingly there does not appear to be any transportation fields passed in to Vertex to determine whether or not the goods are being delivered or collected. We therefore need to understand if there is any ‘assumed’ logic built into the use of the address book records to help to determine this. For example, if the ship to and sold to records are the same is it assuming that it’s a Delivery? Equally, does it assume that the ‘Ship To’ address will be the same as the despatch factory if it’s a collection. If there is some logic, we then need to understand if the logic is in JDE (in which case we could influence it) or in Vertex itself (in which case we’d probably have to try to design our solution to tie in with Vertex).

I guess that the other consideration with the use of projects is the impact of possibly having to determine the correct geocode for every project on the fly when the user is creating them.

Whichever approach we end up with, I think we’ll have to do something to cater for Override addresses. Can anyone please clarify these points


Paul Watton , Ibstock Brick E9.1