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I am currently researching the implementation of HTML clients into my environment and I am looking for information from anyone who has already implemented it or is familiar with this delivery method. I have found lots of information on this topic, but none complete, and much that contradicts itself...so your real world answers would be helpful.

My Current environment looks like:
Enterprise Server: AS/400; V4R5, SP15.1
Deployment Server: NT4.0, SP6a, SQL7, houses Central Objects.
Clients: Update2; an assortment FAT clients and WTS with MetaFrame 1.8.

For inquiry users, I have been asked to research HTML (not JAVA). From what I have seen, I will need to have a JAVA server to run Edwards code, and a webserver to deliver HTML to the clients. As I understand it, I can have these servers on the same box, but I think I would prefer to have them on two serparate. Because I understand that JAVA requires more resources on the enterprise server than FAT clients, I have also considered adding a new NT Application Server to assist in batch processing.

Any comments on this setup will be appreciated. Do I have the right idea? Should serialized objects (not even sure what they are) go on my SQL7 Deployment Server? Generally speaking, what software will I need to have installed on which machines? (i.e. does WebSphere need to be on Enterprise, JAS, and Web server, or just one/couple?)

Thanks in advance for you help.

Ryan Hunt


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Ryan :

I've used JAS HTML a couple of times, so I can say that am a little
familiar with it though not an expert on it.
You may run the WebServer and JDE Java/HTML objects on the same box,
Java needs some more hardware on the Enterprise because its environments
run UBEs and BSFN on the Enterprise. There's nothing to be ran locally
on Jxx7333.
Serialized objects can be left on the SQL7 in your Deployment, though
you'll need the Beasys JDBC drivers to access them.
I'm not sure if Serialized Objects can be kept (or not) on an AS/400;
if you can store them there then Beasys JDBC is not necessary.
The cheapest solution is a W2K box with :

Xe SP 14.1 or higher
JAS Xe SP 14.1 or higher
IIS 5.0
WebSphere 3.5 Standard or Enterprise
Client Access Express
AS/400 JDBC drivers (provided by the Client Access package)
Beasys JDBC (only if you use SQL7 Serialized Objects)
IBM JDK1.2.2
MS JVM 5.00.3176

Recommended to have an Xe client there (to compile Xe apps into HTML)

Advice : check frequently the KG on the minimal requirements for
JAS Servers, they're often updated.

Sebastian Sajaroff