W(A7.3) Wired Funds recorded into AP


Does anyone have a method to "Voucher" Wired funds into their AP? We are
getting into wiring monies more and more, however, we are loosing the
visibility we get by vouchering a payment into AP. Anyone with any ideas
would be greatly appreciated.

We are a World A7.3 cum 8 shop.

Thank you all for your help.

Rich Brown

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Wow, could you explain this a bit better. Are you asking about wire transfer
payments to vendors? If so just change the supplier master info's "payment
instr. to "T". If not, why not?

We use the regular AP check "printing" process to make entries of wired
funds into the GL. Create a new payment instrument for your wired payments
and setup your AAI's accordingly. Enter your vouchers for the wired
payments, making sure you change the default payment instrument to your wire
payment instrument. Run a regular AP "check" run, post everything that's
post-able, and your wires should be safely posted to your GL. You won't
actually print any checks, but your wire entries will be made as if you
actually printed checks instead of sending a wire.

Jim Donahue
Manager, Applications and Development
Paramount Parks Inc.

World 7.3 cum 11.5
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