Bank Account to vary by vendor


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We are on E1 9.0, tools 8.98.42.

We currently pay vendors either by check of by EFT(ACH). The payment instrument for our EFT vendors is set to T and our AP payment groups and automatic payment process selects those vouchers and creates the proper Remittance and outgoing ACH file using the CTX format.

Now we have the requirement that for about 15 specific vendors only, these vendors must be paid out of a different bank account from a different bank. The vouchers for these vendors by the way will be created via an interface that creates vouchers using F0411Z1.

What I would like to do is to default this new bank account into the voucher when vouchers are created for these 15 vendors. I have not found a way to really do that. What I am proceeding with though is do use a different payment instrument ( X for discussions sake). These vendors would have a payment instrument of X and then when the vouchers are created, the payment instrument for them would be X also. Then my Create Payment Groups (R04570) would have a new version that would select payment instrument X and the processing options for the version would reference the desired bank account.

It might simplify things a bit though if I could default in the bank acccount when the voucher is created. Any one have an idea on how that would be accomplished? or would the default of the payment instrument and the new Create Payment Group be the best way to go on this.

Any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks.
You can do this by setting up a g/l offset on the vendor master record and creating an aai for that g/l offset to point to the bank account you would like to pay from.
I agree with msjxx. The payables bank account is the PB aai and you will have to look at your setup on how this AAI needs to be set up. What this will do, is when payment groups are created, a separate payment group is created for each bank account which will result in separate records in the F0457/F04572OW files for easy extraction.