Values rounded on server as400 but not local



We are using the tax calculator B4001090 in a custom UBE.
When running local, everything works well.
However, when running on the server (AS 400), the taxe amounts are rounded.

Ex: with the job local, we got 123.09, but with the job on the server, we got 123.00.

We are using this BSFN in other jobs on the server without issues.

The debug log that we got didn't help.

I know that it is not a lot of information but if someone already had the same kind of issue of values rounded on server but not local and could point in a direction to orientate my investigations (I am new to OW)

We have JDE oneworld B73.3.1

Thank you very much

Chan Rana

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How is the job submitted thru some input from screen?. or its just plain UBE submission?. The reason i am asking is there are some function mapped locally on server which i have found causing issue when run on web screen.