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V7R2 - Client Access ODBC driver issues ?


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Hello List,

Is there anyone using AS400 V7R2 as their Enterprise Server ? If yes can you let me know what is version of the Client Access ODBC driver you are using on Dep server and FAT clients and where you obtained it from (downloaded from your server itself from the QIBM share or from the IBM website)

I am having some strange issues which seem to be related to the ODBC driver version. This is a new install (9.1 , tools and after running the installation workbench I noticed that all the system tables have junk data trailing the values (where it should be spaces). The Business Data and Control Tables loaded fine.

I had applied the latest Client Access service pack available but it seems to be causing issues and I finally had to revert to an older version of the ODBC driver and copied system tables from planner to system -910 and they have loaded fine.