E9.2 Using Office 365 SharePoint for media object storage


We're running E1-9.2, TR

All of our media objects are PDFs stored on a shared server (not deployment server) and they are set up as local file or url links. We would like to store these docs in Office 365 SharePoint with URL links in JDE. We ran a few tests and we're receiving this error: ourcompany.sharepoint.com refused to connect. I read on some blog that there can be cross-domain security issues and if that's true, that would be an issue as our regular domain is obviously different than sharepoint.com. Anyone have experience using office 365 SharePoint as a media object repository?

I'll echo Larry's "Good Luck". If and when you get it working, every time M$ decides to make a change, you will be scrambling to make this solution work again.

If your goal is to get this content off the file server, you could just move them as blobs into the JDE database(s) by running R98MODAT. There are a lot of security, disaster recovery and cloud benefits to the database approach over the file server. Additionally, it would be a configuration that the vendor (Oracle) supports and will not be subject to the perpetual updates hitting SharePoint online.

We have a customer that is using our Media Object printing solution and recently moved their documents from an on-prem Sharepoint to an Office365 Sharepoint without testing with EnterpriseOne. As you are seeing, they too ended up with errors. It turned out to be related to two-factor authentication, you might research along those lines.