Edge Browser Certification, Media Objects, and Other Nonsense



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Hi All, in a way this post is just me venting about Oracle.

We're continuing to slog forward with our 9.2 upgrade and one of the on-going issues is browser support.
We've been pushing to eliminate ActiveX dependencies so that we can become browser agnostic.
It works pretty well until you get to Media Objects.
FYI we're using the classic Media Objects Editor / Viewer since the new enhanced one doesn't seem to have finished baking yet.

IE just pretty much works without too many issues other than being kinda slow.
Chrome with Media Object File attachments is very clumsy / ugly to open/view.
Edge almost works, but ...
1. Multi-line Text attachments (more than 3 lines) introduces a non-viewable character after the last <CR>. That becomes a issue when the MO Text appears on a BI Pub document and the character displays as a little box.
2. File Attachments cannot be viewed in the MO Viewer panel UNLESS the file is a image. This appears to have been introduced in 9.2.1.x (see Bug 21028579) where some genius at Oracle decided to redefine the meaning of F00165.GDGTMOTYPE (Media Object Type) field such that all new File Attachments are stored as Type 1 (Image) regardless of the actual File Type. That probably had no affect on attachments stored in the database but if you elect to continue to store attachments on a server the MO Viewer software under Edge gets confused and says you have to save the file locally and then open it to view it. Ugly. If I use SQL to change the GDGTMOTYPE value from 1 to 5 (File) the attachment then appears perfectly in the MO Viewer.

We have SRs open on both of the above issues. Oracle has duplicated them on Edge version 42 (current version), but ... they state that only Edge version 38 (from the Anniversary Update version of Windows 10 -1607- which came out in August of 2016) is certified and that we should revert to that.
Here's the issue with that. Edge is integrated into Windows 10, and there is no practical way to stop updates on just Edge. The only option would be to discontinue all Window 10 updates.... Which still doesn't let us time travel back to 2016 to get back to version 38 ...



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Hi Larry

I agree with windows update and edge you can not separate. I would through my 2 cents to use IE11 as it is way stable and you will get hot fixes/security patches as it is still supported from Microsoft. There is no guarantee how long they will support that but lots of legacy application works in IE11 better. we use IE11 even it is not supported in our TR but we made it to work using document mode.

I just created the .msi package for those Activex and will push to users through SCCM when we upgrade to 9.2 and latest TR next year. I don't have the Activex yet but will get when 9.2 will installed. I glad the document 1056203.1. says about activeX "Most times, the new version is compatible (backward compatible) with prior releases". I hope it works in our case as I don't want users to affected due to this Activex push.

Thanks for sharing. I was exactly thinking of Activex and saw your post.