1. E9.2 Text attachment not displayed on Browser

    Hi People, There is no text attachment visible in the link in the e-mail we sent to ourselves for testing purposes. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding this?
  2. Larry_Jones

    Edge Browser Certification, Media Objects, and Other Nonsense

    Hi All, in a way this post is just me venting about Oracle. We're continuing to slog forward with our 9.2 upgrade and one of the on-going issues is browser support. We've been pushing to eliminate ActiveX dependencies so that we can become browser agnostic. It works pretty well until you get...
  3. Signing Users Out When They Close the Browser

    We are running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.1, and we have SSO/WNA successfully enabled using Oracle Access Manager. This all works great. When users launch JDE initially it will automatically log them in using their desktop credentials, and if they launch another tab and navigate to JDE the new...