media objects

  1. E9.2 Using Office 365 SharePoint for media object storage

    We're running E1-9.2, TR All of our media objects are PDFs stored on a shared server (not deployment server) and they are set up as local file or url links. We would like to store these docs in Office 365 SharePoint with URL links in JDE. We ran a few tests and we're receiving this...
  2. Larry_Jones

    Edge Browser Certification, Media Objects, and Other Nonsense

    Hi All, in a way this post is just me venting about Oracle. We're continuing to slog forward with our 9.2 upgrade and one of the on-going issues is browser support. We've been pushing to eliminate ActiveX dependencies so that we can become browser agnostic. It works pretty well until you get...
  3. Larry_Jones

    Controlling which Media Object Queue that User File Attachments go into

    Yet another Media Objects question/issue due to Oracle's lack of Features and Tools related to File Attachments. When using the old (ActiveX) OLE types of attachments user's could choose a "Ole Queue" which in turn mapped to a specific folder on a server. So Accounting attachments could have...
  4. How to insert blob content into F00165 via SQL from SQL server to Oracle database

    Hi All, we have some pdf files stored on SQL server in BLOB field and I need your help with insert this BLOB field to F00165 (Oracle database) via SQL. Program for copying from SQL server to Oracle database is written in C#. Thanks for your help. Petr
  5. EDI Sales Order Load Detail Attachments.

    I am populating the F4715 with Order detail messages and this loading to the F00165 for the order correctly, My question is there a way thru the F4715 to load multiple attachment (not lines) to the order when it loads via the EDI process,, For example I want to load one detail line to the F4211...
  6. Mobile and Media Objects and Security

    Hi JDEList, I have a few theoretical questions about mobile and not sure who best to ask. We did put in an SR but can’t believe the answer so hoping that someone can tell me that it isn’t true. Background: - We are about to implement invoices stored as pdfs on sharepoint - We will automate...