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Controlling which Media Object Queue that User File Attachments go into


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Yet another Media Objects question/issue due to Oracle's lack of Features and Tools related to File Attachments.

When using the old (ActiveX) OLE types of attachments user's could choose a "Ole Queue" which in turn mapped to a specific folder on a server.
So Accounting attachments could have their own queue/directory, Sales their own, Purchasing, etc.

So for us in our going forward environment (9.2, no more IE/ActiveX) the OLE attachments are out and just Plain Jane file attachments are allowed.
When a user does a File Attachment (non-OLE) the user has no Control of what Queue (ie Folder on the Server) will be used. JDE will assign it to the First 05 Type defined in P98MOQUE - by default this is HTMLUpload.

Why do we care you may ask? Well in part its because we have hundreds of thousands of these attachments and we'd like to not over-burden the File System (response time, backups, etc) with too many files in one folder. Plus I suppose I'm being somewhat OCD about it ;)

So net, net my question is: Does anyone have a neat trick for allowing the user to Select the File Queue (as defined in P98MOQUE) when attaching a file?

If we can't find one our alternative is to run a periodic script that, based on Object Name / GT Type, moves file attachments from the HTMLUpload directory to another (such as Accounting ...) and adjusts the F00165 entry accordingly.

Thanks for your consideration of my issue.


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I can't think of any other way beyond what your alternative is - maybe throw a trigger on the F00165 to update it on insert. Speaking of the majesty of media objects, I can't get pdf's to display any more inline, I must have been dreaming about making it work, but I'm about 90% convinced it's the browser. Not sure if you had any luck with that.


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Re the PDF MOs displaying inline:
No. No luck. I'm convinced it's Oracle's inertia preventing this. I found some Weblogic configuration settings that theoretically should have allowed PDFs, etc to launch but not in Media Objects.
Chrome has a setting for Automatically opening PDF docs vs downloading but that also has no affect.
I think Oracle just doesn't care...