E9.2 User Reserved Fields - F4201

I'm using P42101 (P421001) and have opened up the user reserved fields ( URCD,URAT,URRF,URDT,URAB) and they work perfectly. UNTIL you blank a value out, the BF does not update a blank value.
All fields work the same way.
S421001E - Sales Order Header View Controller
Using 9.2 Apps Tools
I'm sure P4210 would work, have not tried and not an option

Any feedback would be great


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Yes, ran into that also when we went to 9.2
Issue is in Sales Order Master Business Function B4200310. Here's my change documentation on this issue:

Disabled *STUPID* conditions in F4211FSBegDoc that caused User Reserved Fields (URRF, URDT, URAT, URAB) to not be updated if current values passed were blank or zero (depending on data type).

(What was the coder thinking?)